In South Africa, Security is a major issue nowadays in communities and societies. South Africa is a beautiful country it can’t be denied that the crime rate has increased rapidly in the past years.  In recent years, crimes like robberies, murders, and carjacking’s have been rising in the residential societies in South Africa.  However, it will take a long time to eliminate these trends but it does not mean that people who live in societies spend their days and night in fear. Here comes the need and use of the Samaritan app.  It is the best app for security providers to take their community safety to the next level.

Take your community safety to the next level with Samaritan Mobile App. 

Samaritan is a security app that helps community safety providers to connect with customers, deploy emergency response teams, and provides real-time protection in South Africa. Samaritan app is the best mobile solution to protect the community. It helps community members to interact in real-time with armed response security service providers.   Samaritan offers the panic button app in South Africa to alert the security providers in any emergency situation in the society.

Currently, community service providers and agencies face three major issues to address any urgent emergency situation before they get out of control.

  • Ineffective emergency situation.
  • Limited data and analytical power.
  • Low collaboration with the community.

The Samaritan app leverages the latest real-time communication technology and analytical tools to solve all three. This integrated, one-stop solution gives community members the power to communicate with each other and your team as situations unfold.

The one-stop solution to all these major security issues is Samaritan App.  Samaritan App uses the latest analytical tools and real-time communication technology to protect the community from any emergency.  Samaritan app allows community members to interact with each other and policing forum.

Samaritan- The complete community emergency platform.

  • Samaritan is the first mobile application that connects armed forced service providers to their customers by just clicking a button.
  • Samaritan App is based on the state-of-the-art technology that enables security providers to safeguard the community and allow customers to live a better life without any fear.

Features of Samaritan App:

  • Control room software:  Control room software is integrated to 3rd party security applications and used by their customers.
  • Mobile panic buttons: The Samaritan app has vendor-agnostic mobile panic buttons that actually work!
  • Motion alarm sensors: Motion alarm sensors to alert the community security providers.

How Samaritan security companies to add more value? 

  • Be the first to provide security services anywhere.
  • Increase revenue stream for  other family members
  • Expand the product range by providing affordable security that doesn’t require expensive equipment.
  • Raise awareness in the neighbourhood about safety and security.

Limited time offer of 6-months free trial 

Samaritan Mobile app provides a cost-effective and flexible solution to security providers so that they can expand their security operations.  We offer cost-effective monthly rates of 50 R per customer and revenue sharing starts at 10%.

The best part is that we offer a 6-months free trial for a limited time.  Sign up today and grab the opportunity of this unbeatable offer.

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