Fogging machines are usually used to create fog and smoke in the surrounding area. The equipment that is used for various purposes such as spraying disinfectants and sanitizers is a fogging machine.

It is even used to make dense white clouds in theaters and concerts. They have got a great rise after their invention due to their sterling features.

There are different uses of a fog machine depending on its types. It can be used in theaters to create a foggy effect. It can be used at weddings to create dense vapor and it can be used to spray sanitizers in certain areas.

The device is used as a sanitizer fogging machine on a large basis. Using a fogger machine reduces the manual efforts of spraying disinfectant liquids in gardens and lawns and also creating artificial fog in the surrounding.

Varieties of Fog Machine

The fog sanitizer machine is available in different types and you get the option to choose the one that is most suitable for the place where you are going to install it.

  1. Chilled Fog Machine

When you want to create thick clouds in the atmosphere that lies close to the ground then you can opt for a chilled fogger machine. They usually use compressed liquid CO2, liquid nitrogen, liquid air and dry ice to create the fog.


Liquid nitrogen and dry ice are used in similar manner to create the effect. They are produced by heating water to near the boiling point and then the ice is dropped in it one by one to create the effect.

Heated Fog Machine

The heated fog machine is the basic device that uses either an inert gas or electric pump to propel mineral oil, mixture of water and glycerin, propylene glycol into a heat exchanger where the solution is vaporized into the dense fog.

Pump machine is the most common heated fog machine till date. There are some basic machines with fluid reservoirs and electric pumps while the other complex models have some other features too.


  1. ULV Fogger

When you specially want a fog sanitizer machine for spraying insecticides and pesticides then you should choose a ulv fogger machine in which the fluid is filled and it is required to create fog and to spray the sanitizer in the place wherever you need it.


They are usually a type of cold fogging machine that doesn’t use heat and converts the liquid into droplets and spreads them into the atmosphere. You can control particle size while you spread them in the atmosphere.

  1. Haze Machines

The haze generators, also known as hazers, produce atmospheric effects that are less dense than those created using a fogger machine.


They are largely used to create a subtle look. The haze can stay in the atmosphere depending upon the ventilation of the area and the amount of flowing wind.


The machine provides a small size of particles that usually takes a bit longer to fill large spaces, therefore they are highly preferred for less spacious areas.

Why use a Fogging Machine

Due to the increasing risk of germs and bacteria the ulv fogger machine is now widely used for disinfecting the places. Either it’s your home or office.

You need to keep the place totally clean and safe for people residing there and for people working there.

Rather than spraying at every corner and cleaning the place manually choose the option of sanitizing the entire area with the help of a fogger machine.

The use of a fogging machine is convenient as it makes your work easier and saves energy. Using a fog machine even saves your time and it is highly effective to keep the place clean, tidy and safe.

The machines are available in different models and their tank capacity also differs from which you can choose the most appropriate one for your place.

Use of Fogging Machine at Different Places

There is a wide range of fogging machines that differ in shape, color, model, etc. and are eligible to use at different places. Here are some of the places where the machines are being used.

Work Premises

Keeping the workplace clean and healthy is of utmost importance. The best way to do this is to use a fogging machine for sanitization. You just need to fill the tank of the machine with liquid sanitize, adjust its particle size and place it on the table or ground. On the switch and in some time the place will be sanitized.

Industries and Factories

There are a large number of workers and laborers in factories and heavy-duty industries. Their working hours are higher and they require optimum safety. If you scroll online then you will come across different sanitizer fogging machines in India which will provide you the option to choose the adequate one.


The machines are most commonly used to sanitize hospitals and clinics where there are different patients having different types of disease from which others may get infected. Therefore sanitizing the place everyday with the help of a machine is necessary. So do keep it clean with the help of sanitizers.

Lawns and Gardens

To spray insecticides and pesticides in garden, lawn and farms the sanitizing machine is of utmost importance. You just need to fill the container with the sanitizer liquid and spray it all over the area. A good thing about the machine is that it can be refilled with other liquids too whenever required.


Not only at workplaces and hospitals, the machines are even used to create artificial fog in concerts, theaters, skits and plays that changes the mood of audience as well as the performer and creates a drastic vibe. It even makes the place look more impressive and gives the night concert a perfect appearance.


Use it as a sanitizing machine or use it as a fogger machine, it is going to work at every place and everywhere. They are made of a durable and non-corrosive fabric that gives it a longer life span.

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