Swimming is one of the most complete sports since it exercises practically all the parts of our body in a very efficient way. That is one of the reasons for choosing swimming as part of the training of many athletes. But it is this physical requirement that leads to many muscle injuries, perhaps due to a bad movement when looking to scratch those seconds that can give you victory. If we talk about technique, there is a very common question among swimmers with Lifeguard Training: when I swim, should I do it with my head facing forward or downward? If you want to find out what is the correct technique used by professional swimmers, stick around and find out below.

The position of the head in swimming is fundamental

To define what is the most recommended head position, we need to carefully evaluate these two techniques, are you ready?

Head down technique

It is quite common that, both in training and competitions, you see swimmers use this way of swimming. This technique maintains a perfect alignment between the spine and the head, to have a better rate of water penetration. On the other hand, by using fewer muscles, it allows for easy buoyancy and allows you to go faster due to less resistance. The only drawback is the poor visibility during the swim, which is a problem for open water competitions.

Head facing forward technique

Due to the hydrodynamics of the body, this technique is usually much better than the technique of looking down, since the forehead supposes less resistance to the water and, consequently, we can increase our swimming speed. The general problem of swimming with the head facing forward is cervical hypertension, causing great tension in the nearby areas and lowering the angle of the hips and legs.

It is of utmost importance when swimming that the position of the head is neutral. The head-forward swimming position tends to pose more obstacles. Let us remember that the naturalness of the body positions, are translated as comfort for swimming, this tells us that swimming with the head down gives more advantage than the technique of looking straight ahead, since we will not be exerting extra tension or exercising the muscles. By the neck. In swimming, the head acts as a rudder, hence the importance of its correct location.

Benefits of swimming with your head in a neutral position

no more stiff neck

Torticollis is one of the most common injuries among swimmers. The positions that generate other swimming techniques usually lead to this injury with relative ease. By using the neutral head swimming technique, we will not inappropriately stress the muscles, thus avoiding this annoying ailment.

breathe more easily

It is no secret that breathing is one of the attributes of a good swimmer to achieve better times. For this reason, most swimmers learn to improve their breathing to achieve better times. When we use the correct swimming technique, we can increase our resistance by being able to inhale much more oxygen.

Do you already know what technique to apply? It is proven that placing the head in a neutral way when we want to swim has many more advantages than any other technique. Don’t wait any longer and go practice your new position.

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