What is SharePoint?

The Microsoft SharePoint Platform is a software product whose main function is to provide a tool for effective communication for your company’s employees.

What is SharePoint?

Microsoft Base SharePoint allows internal corporate portal to turn on:

Create, edit and store documents in the SharePoint Corporate Portal

Configure individual users the possibility of personal access to information in Microsoft SharePoint, depending on their location

Participate in workflows remotely through the SharePoint Company portal – this moment regardless of location

Establish instant connections with SharePoint communication programs with the right people inside and outside the company

Set up electronic document management in Microsoft SharePoint

Simplify many routine tasks through the SharePoint corporate portal, such as processing various administrative applications (ordering stationery, business cards, company vehicles)

Organize SharePoint remote surveys, tests and training in various fields and programs

Where is SharePoint most effective?

Like all Microsoft family products, SharePoint 2010 is easy to learn, easy to use and integrates freely with all MS Office applications. This allowed the platform to quickly gain the love and recognition of users around the world and led to the widespread use of SharePoint in various areas of activity.

Our Advice on Using SharePoint

Tell us about your goals and objectives and we’ll show you how Microsoft SharePoint can help you effectively and effectively in your daily work.

Microsoft offers more solutions for users and business customers. SharePoint is one of them. What kind of program it is, what products it contains, what are their functions, read in the framework of this article.

About the program

Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies is an enterprise-focused suite of components that work with corporate information through software products and websites. Their presence allows: to share, organize, store, access data from any device.

For work, you can use any Internet browser. SharePoint includes:

A set of web applications to organize collaboration.

A set of features for creating blogs and web portals.

Search Module to filter and search data.

Module to create forms to enter information.

Features for Workflow Management and Business Intelligence.


The name SharePoint can refer to a number of products, called:

SharePoint Online. Cloud is designed for Microsoft service business. When Office 365 is released, you can subscribe to Office 365 or SharePoint Online to create sites, collect and share information with your employees.

SharePoint Server. With this system, you can manage your business information base locally (on your network). This complex includes:

SharePoint Foundation – Technology that serves as the basis for all sites.

Capabilities for Corporate Content Management.

Business analysis, personal websites and channel management, search for information on these sites. SharePoint Designer 2013. HTML editor for creating pages and working with content on a corporate site created.

How to create a website?

In the window that opens, click the “Create Site” button (Create Site, New Site).Name the site and click Create. The new website manager appears in the directory specified earlier. The website is empty, so you need to make a template, fill it with content and provide access to colleagues.

Microsoft took care of the templates and made their own choices. Choose a template that fits your site type:

Groups. It can be used as a single environment to create and work with a group of information. Usually used as the company’s front site. Plan. Designed specifically to work with the project. It includes collaborative features and displays the project summary feature linked to the task list. The work added by a colleague in the “Tasks List” is automatically displayed on the project’s website.

Community: A kind of forum where colleagues can hold discussions.

Document Center: Allows you to work with large amounts of records. Can be used as archive or library.

Center of Records: Suitable for the work and collection of financial, legal and similar documents. Business Intelligence Center. Designed to collect, analyze and conduct business reports.

When you’re signed into the Office 365 or your organization’s SharePoint server corporate site, click the navigation bar or the top panel app Launcher Tile SharePoint or Sites. These are the ways you can sign into SharePoint.

SharePoint Site Features

Organizations use SharePoint to create websites. In Office 365, you can create a site at Home SharePoint. Also, whenever you create an Office 365 group on Outlook Online or Office 365, the SharePoint team site is also created. If you’re using a SharePoint server, you can create a team site or several similar sites if you still have any doubts you can contact Al Rafay SharePoint Development Company. Websites are convenient for storing and organizing information, sharing data and using it as a secure place to access any device. It only requires a web browser, such as Microsoft Edge , Internet Explorer , Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox . Download Mobile App SharePoint to work with sites from mobile devices.


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