Are you looking for free stock videos to use on your business website? If so, you’re in luck! In this blog post, we’ll share some of our favorite resources for finding high-quality stock videos. So whether you’re looking for something specific or just want to browse a variety of options, read on for some great recommendations.

There are a lot of free stock videos that are free. All you need to do is search the net on where you can find one. There are a lot of best video editing software available on the internet that offers free stock videos and here are as follows.



There are a lot of free stock videos and images that pixabay offers. All of these can be used for commercial and non commercial purposes. But always check the terms and conditions of the photos and videos on what are the things that are not allowed for that particular photo to be used for.

Once you are in the process of downloading the image or video, there is an option to give credits to the owner. You are not required to do that BUT still it is great if we give credits to them after all they are the one who provided the HD quality image and photo that you find useful in your content.



Videvo is one of the apps that offers a wide range of free stock videos, music and sound effects that users provide.

Once you are downloading the clips it will be licensed and there are lists of things and rules where you cannot use that particular clip. Here are some examples:

  • Videvo Attribution License – this is for free of use, but you need to give credit to the original creator or author of the clip.
  • Clips with a Creative Commons 3.0 – this is also one of the free but you need to give credits again. The clips can be remixed as well depending on your needs.
  • Public Domain licenses – These are contents that are yours. And you have all the right to do whatever you want to do.



At first Pexels was just a free photo site, but as the technology trends arose they also added the free HD and 4K stock videos as well.


The use of their license is that all photos are used for free whatever you like. This would include videos as well. You can use the video or do modification to the video whatever you like. Here you are not required to give credits but for the sake of the things that they provide for free it is OK to give them credits as well. This is for their hardship to make quality photos and videos for your needs.



This application can provide you royalty-free quality videos that you can use for either personal or if you are creating marketing content for your business this may be good for your fit. Videezy though is a bit strict when it comes to the use of the video. So before creating or downloading the videos make sure that you check the licensing information of every video that you will use to see and check if it is available or not.

Here you are also required to give credit to videezy to every use of their video. But they also have other options to buy credits that you can also use to make amendments or attribution to the video clips.

Videos here are 4K and HD quality videos. They have fees as well but once you check and see the word “Pro” meaning that you need to pay for that for you to be able to use.



This online software was started by entrepreneurs and filmmakers who needed quality video for their products. Their mission is to give it as well to small businesses who need tools for marketing that do not have the budget to do so.

And as time went by, they succeeded in their mission and now the website has thousands of quality videos that are free of use that can be downloaded as MP4. You do not need to sign up, you do not need to do attribution or even give credits to the rightful owner. Just click download and you are ready to go.

You can do whatever you want to the video. Either for personal, school, business and more.

There is a lot more software that offers free stock videos. Now once you are able to find what you are looking for all you need to do is follow the process of creating quality videos for your next marketing. Just know where to start and soon enough you will see the changes it made for your videos.

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