With today’s ecologically friendly ‘paperless’ offices, the increase of ebook publishing, and activities such as tax filing and credit applications all going online, the future seems bright for the paperless workplace.


Consequently, more PDF files will be arriving in our mailboxes, along with the potential complications that can arise when dealing with them in particular circumstances.


If you don’t want to spend the money on an expensive Adobe software licence but still want to produce, modify, and transfer PDFs, here are a few pointers that can rapidly turn you into an office genius when it comes to converting, editing, and mastering this popular file type.


  1. PDF Editing


The following scenario may be familiar to you: you have been given a PDF with content on it that has to be altered or updated.


It wasn’t that long ago that you had to retype the text on a fresh, blank document in order to be able to make changes. Alternatively, you can print off the PDF, white out the existing text, write over it, and then rescan it. Both of these processes require a significant amount of time. The good news is that you are no longer required to do so.


You would be doing yourself a favour by converting the PDF to Word so that you can modify the text in the Word document before re-saving the document as a PDF.


You can accomplish this by uploading your PDF file to Google Docs, which is a quick, free, and very straightforward solution for converting PDFs to.doc or.docx files (depending on your operating system).


Remember that some tools will alter the space and layout of your PDF file – therefore always double check your file before uploading it to ensure that accurate conversions are produced.


  1. Sign a PDF document


Do you need to add an electronic signature to word or PDF documents ? The old-school technique was to print out the PDF, sign it, rescan it, and then send it back – but this is inefficient in terms of both cost and resources.


As a result, you don’t want to put a halt to a commercial transaction or the submission of critical legal or financial papers just because you don’t have instant access to a printer. By adding a signature electronically, you can save both time and resources.


If you need to add your signature to a PDF, you can utilise a commercial service such as Docusign, or you can read this post for free HelloSign. DocuSign & PandaDoc alternatives.


  1. Convert a Pdf into an Image


If you often share photographs or work with PDFs as a web developer, you may have encountered issues.


Because of their size, PDFs are more difficult to email than normal picture files. Given the popularity of mobile devices, you may encounter issues opening and viewing PDFs on your phone or tablet.


Using a PDF on a website requires an external plugin or the Adobe programme, which increases document download time and may prohibit thousands of people from reading the material.


You can also convert PDF to JPG to save time. While the image resolution will be reduced, converting to a JPG file is a simple solution for emailing to a client or manager for feedback.


In addition, most project management solutions can handle image files better than PDFs.


A PDF to PNG converter is another alternative. This is excellent for graphic designers who routinely update logos or images with text.


  1. PDF Merge


The following trick may not appear to be something you’d need to use very often at first glance, but it’s actually far more valuable than it appears.


Make visually appealing, detailed presentations to coworkers, management, and clients in order to demonstrate your expertise. Then you’ll want to know how to combine PDFs so that you may present a variety of file types in a single, streamlined package.


The following tip will assist you if you’ve ever wanted to know how to combine many Excel spreadsheets, pie charts, graphic graphics, and text into a single document that can be easily shared.


If you want to combine numerous files, you must first convert each file into a PDF. Pro tip: Look for a PDF editor that not only has converter tools for the most prevalent file formats, but also allows file merging so that you don’t have to switch between different websites and programmes.


  1. Delete existing text


For example, if you routinely fill out electronic forms or need to disguise sensitive information on a document before sharing it, the ability to delete old text and replace it with fresh content can be very handy.


Some PDF editors, such as PDFfiller, have capabilities for adding shapes and images to PDFs, in addition to text that can be customised. For example, if you want to attract attention to a specific piece of the PDF, you could use an arrow or create a box around it to serve as a visual cue.


  1. Page removal


No matter how hard we try, many of us are still plagued by information overload, and the ability to cut through the clutter can be essential for getting things accomplished.


When it comes to sending a contract or documentation to a coworker, sometimes the most important thing is to get their comment on a few pages of it. If you want to remove pages from a PDF document, use a programme that allows you to do so. When you can convey the proper information to those who need it quickly, you’ll make it easy for them to respond in the same way.




Today’s cloud-based PDF editing services include tools and helpful information that allow you to manage, personalise, and safeguard your PDF documents online and with greater simplicity than you’ve ever experienced in the past.


Furthermore, many of the services listed below allow you to register for an account, allowing you to login anytime you need to and access your files from any device you want.


Working with PDFs is not only more efficient because it saves you the time, money, and aggravation of printing, annotating, and rescanning documents and forms, but it is also better for the environment because it reduces the amount of paper used.


It doesn’t matter if you work with PDFs on a daily basis or only once in a while; you now have the skills and knowledge necessary to grasp this widely used file format.


In addition to this, You can add an electronic signature in Google Docs and download it in PDF or Word file.


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